Sidewalk Prophets - Great Big Family Room Tour

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You're officially invited to join us in the "Great Big Family Room". In the great big family room it is our goal to meet each and every person that comes through the door. We'll be playing the songs you've heard on the radio, as well as sharing stories from our lives, and the road. We're also giving you the first listen of new songs that will be on our upcoming album! We've worked our hardest to make this tour affordable which is why we're happy to announce that tickets will only cost 10 dollars (get yours quick!). We've also partnered with to offer the VIP Pizza Party ticket (limited to 75 people per show). This ticket gets you in to the concert early for a pizza party with the entire band. One other thing we've decided to do is allow you to submit a venue in your city to host the tour. Want the tour to come to your city? Just submit your venue and we may just end up in your town. (submissions due by Dec 31, 2015). We're so excited to share our hearts with you and to hear about your lives too. Be sure get your tickets today, and we'll see you in the great big family room soon!
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